Please read through yesterday's update for more detailed info:


Our Dallas and Fort Worth stores are open and we have your orders and single meals for purchase (no order necessary for singles).


Most Pickup Partner locations are closed, here's an update:


  • TruFusion - we have your order at our Dallas store.
  • True Results - stay tuned, they are hoping to open today. 
  • Crossfit L3 Fort Worth - orders were delivered yesterday and they should be open tomorrow for pickup.
  • My Possibilities - most orders were picked up on Sunday, remaining orders are on site and MP should be open Wednesday.  We will contact remaining orders and we may be able to move orders to Plano YMCA if Tuesday is an option.
  • Plano YMCA - we'll be parked in front with your order from 12:30 - 1:30pm...we're coming from Fort Worth so please be patient.
  • Frisco YMCA - most orders were picked up and we contacted remaining orders.
  • Grand Prairie YMCA - we'll be parked in front with your order from 3:30 -4pm.


Thank you for your patience!

We'll have another update on here later tonight (Thur 2/18)

There's a lot of info that we need to confirm before communicating like how many staff members will be available (many are dealing with pipes/outages), will our vendors have ingredients we need to cook, etc.

If we push back the communication date it's only because gathering this necessary info is taking longer.

Hoping everyone is staying as safe and warm as possible.

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