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Are you getting issues processing your order or you get a bank/cc charge w/o receiving a confirmation email?
Earlier in the year we increased our site security to protect us from fraudulent charges.  Your billing info has to be exact. 

If you see charges, but haven't received a confirmation - the charge is most likely a pre-authorization from your bank.

Try to process your purchase again ensuring the billing info is correct and that you don't have the "use same address for billing" option selected during checkout.  If you have a customer account, you may need to manually delete what auto-fills and enter your correct billing address.

Extra step before processing your payment?
We added one more screen to your checkout.  On this screen you will see and confirm your Pickup Location and Pickup Date.

Every week we get A LOT of messages asking us to confirm pickup locations and dates.  

As much as we love chatting w/ our customers, this creates a backlog of customer communication that keeps us from being able to answer unique questions.

Your confirmation email will always have that selected info.  If for some reason it doesn't - please reply to the confirmation email so that we can forward it to our ordering platform support team.

If your order doesn't have a date associated with it, then our weekly reports will not include it in our cook list for the week.

Seeing a LOGIN screen when you go to checkout?
We made customer accounts mandatory...and since people tend not to like that word, please let us explain why we did it after holding off for so long : )

As our small team works hard to grow our company, it's important to find ways to do more with less.

Giving our customers tools to find answers they need 24/7 is something that would not only keep them from having to wait on us, but it would also allow our team to focus on what we love to do - make more delicious meal options for you!

Having your customer account is FREE.  It takes about a min to set up - name, email, password.

  • Once you have an account, it becomes easier for us to provide customer service by viewing all of your orders in one place
  • You collect points when you're logged in
  • You can view past orders
  • You can reorder your past order w/ one click
And there's a lot of other cool options that we'll be adding to your customer accounts.

If you made purchases before, but can't remember your email:  enter your email and click sign up.  Enter your info and submit.  The system will send you an activation email.  Click the activate button and you'll be taken to your profile where you can see past orders.

There's also a Forgot Password option you can try out.