First Order Guide at REFUL CO

Hi and thank you for your (continued) support, we know you have a lot of options when it comes to food and we appreciate the opportunity to share a little of our passion with you.


Below is a very brief guide intended to help you get from ordering to your first bite.


Placing an order is as simple as:

  1. Go to our site
  2. Add items you'd like into your basket
  3. Navigate to your cart
  4. In cart, select your pickup location and date
  5. Proceed to checkout and complete checkout process (pickup address will be auto-populated)

We recommend creating an account because you will have the opportunity to reference past purchases and 1-click re-ordering that will make your weekly orders super easy.


Picking up

  1. After ordering you will receive a confirmation email.  Please make sure your contact info is accurate, we may need to use it to contact you regarding your order.
  2. You will not receive a notification when your order is ready.  Orders are ready for pickup by a specific time per location.  See Ready for Pickup Times HERE.
  3. You are welcome to call the pickup location to verify whether your order has arrived. See contact info HERE.
  4. Arrive to your pickup location after the Ready for Pickup Time and during the location's normal operating hours.
  5. If you don't make it on your scheduled date just let us know, but don't worry - it'll stay in our cooler until you pickup.
  6. Let staff know you have arrived to pickup an order.
  7. Sign for your pickup.


LOCATIONS: click here

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