The most convenient way to get meals and products from REFUL CO is by signing up for a reoccurring subscription.

Subscriptions typically get a bad wrap as something restrictive and usually are headache to be honest that is why we wrestled with the idea of launching them...that was until we were able to structure them our way : )

Our subscription model is flexible and can be:

  • paused
  • canceled
  • modified

All directly from your customer dashboard - on a weekly basis*!

Having a subscription also saves you and us money by:

  • you get the deepest discount available
  • you will always be set with meals avoiding weeks where you eat out more than expected
  • when we know how much to cook consistently we are able to reduce food waste
  • we can reduce/remove the text message reminders that we pay for (we get charged for each person that receives it!) 


Currently you can use REFUL2020 + when signing up for your subscription + the bonus bolts....that's 30%


We'll continue building on this Subscription breakdown, but if you have any questions please shoot us a message via text ( or by using our contact form.





*after 2 weeks of being paused we will reach out, since having a subscription can get you exclusive discounts - subscriptions will be canceled after 4 consecutive weeks of not ordering. 

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