Shortly after launching our company I was designing a floor decal and had an empty space that needed I did what most people would and put a hashtag there - #goodfoodforeveryone : )

The hashtag didn't mean anything to our team at the time, but we thought it sounded cool.

A week or so after we were having a taste fair at a partner's location where a portion of the proceeds were going to a local organization. At the last minute I had a change of heart and decided to contribute 100% of the proceeds, which is not typically what a new company does, but it felt good and most importantly it felt right (it was benefitting puppies, so that had something to do with it too!).

After leaving the benefit our team agreed, that it felt good to use our food to benefit others.

A week later we were at another taste fair and a customer came to thank me for making gluten-free lasagna and told me that she had not had lasagna in a very long time. At first I thought "wow, this lady really likes lasagna", but then it clicked - most restaurants probably don't offer gluten-free lasagna because you typically don't make one serving at a time.

Then I considered that maybe lasagna had very special meaning for this person, like tomatillos remind me of helping my mom make salsa as a kid, and it made me feel good that we were able to provide that special thing for her.

Then it clicked for me.

Everyone deserves good food, like lasagna for someone that hasn't been able to eat it because they follow a gluten-free diet.


Good food can serve everyone, whether it's making it easier to eat better or by using our food to provide resources to those in need.

That is how #GOODFOODFOREVERYONE was born and our whole team would like to THANK YOU for helping us impact our community through your support of our business.


Chris, founder




We currently partner with several YMCAs in DFW. Besides being a great place to workout, the YMCA has been investing in their community for over 100 years. Here in DFW alone they award over $100,000 in annual scholarships to college bound students, they go into underserved communities and teach kids how to swim (at no cost, drowning is a leading cause of death in kids 1-4), and so much more.

The YMCAs that we partner with serve as a pick up location that make getting healthy meals more accessible to their surrounding community.

A percentage of every order that is picked up at a YMCA goes back to that local Y to support their ongoing community efforts.

In the first 6 months of our partnership we were able to contribute enough to sponsor a full season of sports for 100+ kids : )  


Our taste fairs initially started as a cool event idea, but thanks to the inspiration of a great community partner they have become much more.

At our taste fair we bring 4 of our top selling meals, catering style, including a steak, chicken, shrimp, and plant-based option (all separate meals).

Each person pays $5 for a plate that includes a sample portion of each entree, which is plenty of food.

We then donate 100% of the money raised to the organization that our partner selects.

So far we've contributed to organizations like Genesis Women's Shelter, Be The Difference Foundation, and the Dallas Animal Services.

If you would like to inquire about hosting a taste fair, please send us a message here.



Creating a menu that is 100% dairy, soy, and gluten free (3 of the most common food allergies) wasn't easy even though it is definitely easier to find these types of ingredients today vs a few years ago.

The most challenging part was finding ingredients that met these guidelines and also tasted good, not only people that were accustom to eating these types of foods...but to everyone.

The most rewarding part of creating our menu has been introducing new options to our customers, changing what people think of when they think of healthy food, and of course providing an option to our customers that have dietary restrictions.


On weeks that we have extra inventory of meals, we surprise groups in our community by dropping off complimentary meals.

We love introducing people to our menu, new ingredients, and seeing how genuinely happy people are when they are surprised.

We've surprised teachers, first responders, and other members of our community.


If you would like to put your group on our list, please send us your company/organization name, size, and address.