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How It Works

There are currently 2 ways to get our meals:

Shop In-Store

Perfect for the first-timer that wants to chat with a team member and see firsthand who we are and what we do OR anyone that needs to grab a few meals or juices. 

See store hours here: https://reful.co/pages/here-for-you

PRO: no ordering necessary, you get to chat with staff

CON: popular items can sell out

Order Online and Pickup

If you know what you want and would like reserve your meals/juices in advance, pre-ordering online is perfect for you.

PRO: reserve your meals, online discounts, free delivery to 11+ pickup locations in DFW (CLICK HERE)

CON: you have to remember to pre-order each week

REFUL CO (which stands for Real Energy Foods U Love) is a new-ish healthy prep company that is determined to prove that - healthy food CAN taste great! 

In the 18 months we've been open, we've been able to establish 2 store fronts (Dallas + Fort Worth) and 9 other pickup locations around town that include partnerships with large organizations like the University of North Texas and the YMCA.

We're proud to say we are the ONLY restaurant where customers can find a 100% gluten free, dairy free, and soy free menu.  We selected these ingredients because they not only taste good, but more importantly we believe everyone should be able to enjoy their favorite foods regardless of any diet restrictions.

Our ingredient standards and variety make it easy for anyone to find something that’s healthy and satisfying to their tastebuds AND we seriously have fun creating our menu - we have everything from Thai to Tex-Mex to our version of a McDonalds McGriddle.

Food is very special to us, from the most basic level of providing us the energy we need to fuel our days to how it brings us together with friends/family and how it even has the power to remind us of special moments/relationships in our life.

Even though we sell food, we see our company as a lifestyle brand that helps customers find better nutrition for their goals, helps them save time, and helps them redefine what they know as good healthy food.

If it's your first time ordering at REFUL CO or maybe you need a refresher - this short guide details all the basic "how it works" info.

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