Packed full of fresh veggies and fruit, this box is a perfect addition to your meals and juices:

  • a TON of fresh veggies and fruits, such as:
    • avocado
    • citrus
    • apples
    • tomato
    • lettuce
    • grapes
    • bell pepper
    • asparagus
    • baby broccoli 
  • 1 dz cage-free eggs
  • snack, 4-6 servings (trail mix, granola, etc)
  • grain, 4-6 servings (rice, gluten-free pasta, etc)
  • 1 bottle of sauce (one of our signature salsas or sauces)

PLUS we will donate 1 meal for every box we sell to a local hospital staff or other essential group. 


Discounts not applicable on this item.

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