Bonus Bolt Program

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience as we rolled this out online and in-store.

First Things First

Are you enrolled?  If not, you can do that here.

If you are enrolled, make sure your logged in and then double check you're receiving bolts by clicking here

A window will pop up (bottom of screen for desktop, will take up full screen on mobile) and you will be able to see how many bolts you currently have and you're progress towards the next reward (see below).

Earning Bonus Bolts

In launching the program we wanted to make sure the structure was simple not only for you, but also for us to track/manage.

Currently you earn 1 Bonus Bolt for every $1 spent online and in-store.

Redeeming Bonus Bolts

When you reach 200 bolts, you will be able to access your reward by clicking here while being logged in.

If you haven't reached the 200 bolts, you will see a progress bar showing how close you are.

If you have a reward, you can view them and redeem them by clicking "your rewards".

Current Rewards

The current reward available: 200 bolts gets you a $10 gift card

When you redeem the available reward, your gift card will be sent to the email tied to your account. 

Available rewards can only be redeemed online, we can not redeem your reward in-store via the point of sale.

Spending Bonus Bolts

After you've reached 200 bolts, redeemed your available reward, and received the gift card via email - you can spend the $10 gift card online or in-store.

In-store: make sure you ask our team member to tie your account with your in-store purchase and notify them you will be paying with a gift card.  They will enter it into the payment screen.

Online: once you have your gift card, you will be able to pay with it in the normal checkout process (payment page).

We can not generate your gift card or access it via the point of sale in-store.


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